There but not there

There But Not There is the inaugural campaign from the charity Remembered, marking 100 years since the end of the First World War by creating community-owned art installations up and down the UK. The installations will depict silhouettes of British and Commonwealth First World War soldiers in the communities left desolate in the wake of the war.


The silhouettes will connect communities and remember the hundreds of thousands of British and Commonwealth soldiers lost a century ago. Alongside the silhouettes, a range of ‘Tommy’ figures are also being produced and sold by the charity Remembered. All profits made from sales of these Tommies, which are built by ex-servicemen and women, will go to a group of mental health and armed forces charities, including Help for Heroes.

Would you like Crail to remember in this way? The Community Council is considering this –  please let Crail Matters know your views.


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