George and the Engagement

George and the Engagement

George closed his eyes, put his head in his hands and groaned. He should’ve known something like this would happen. His uncle had visited a few nights before and he and dad did that usual thing of going into the study for a ‘long talk,’ as his mum called it. Well it wasn’t a very long talk this time because after a few minutes he’d heard his dad whooping and shouting, a bit like he does at polo games and stuff. Then his mum went into the study. George could hear them all talking in quite low voices this time, then his mum had come out, smiling, but she didn’t say much, just that Uncle Harry had good news.   George looked at Albert, his special helper, but Albert looked at something interesting on the ceiling.

George kind of forgot about it, then, this morning, he’d been looking forward to a bit of TV before school when Charlotte had got hold of the remote and started pressing buttons all over the place. At first George was really mad with her, then it caught his eye and Charlotte was staring at it; his Uncle Harry’s picture was all over the TV. And he was with that woman. George thought her name was Sparkle. She’d come to see his mum and dad a few times with his uncle, and they’d all been laughing and drinking tea and wine and stuff. She’d said hello to George and Charlotte and he’d noticed she’d spoken a bit differently. That time his nanny had got the globe thing out again and made the aeroplane sound again and then put her finger on America or somewhere. It was quite far. Maybe that was where she lived. He watched the TV for a bit longer. Then it dawned on him. She was his girlfriend! He had given her a ring. Wait a minute, that meant they were going to get married! That was when he put his head in his hands. It was all going to happen again!

George thought back to his Auntie Pippa’s wedding. That had been a nightmare. He and Charlotte had had to get dressed up. She didn’t look too bad, but George had felt ridiculous, in baggy trouser things and a funny shirt which, as usual, had a scratchy collar. But it also had big stupid looking buttons. The socks were dreadful too. But the worst thing, the absolute worst thing was having to throw flower petals on the ground. Auntie Pippa was walking behind him and he had a basket which he kept having to put his hand into to get more petals. He’d nearly lost it then, and there’s a picture somewhere, with Albert in the background, and his mum giving him one of her looks and telling him to be quiet. Now that was so unfair! Later, all the adults had gone for a meal somewhere and he and Charlotte got to play for a while. As usual, Albert and the nanny had been with them. They never seemed to get to join in stuff. George wished they would, then they’d leave him alone.

On the way to school, George had tried to ask Albert about Uncle Harry and what it all meant, but Albert had simply said that he was looking forward to getting to school to play with the Lego. Albert loved the Lego.  All day, George kept thinking about his Uncle Harry. He really liked him, but did this mean that Harry would want to play with Sparkle all the time? If he did, George wouldn’t get any time to play with him, because they’d be kissing and stuff. Adults were so boring at times!

After school, Charlotte had the TV on and there they were again, Harry and Sparkle.  This time they were in a garden. It looked quite familiar. George actually wondered if they’d already got married, because she was wearing this really white dress thing and she had a ring on her finger. George heard something about his Granny’s jewels. He’d never met his Granny Diana, but he’d heard lots about her. His dad had photos of her in the study. She was quite pretty, with blond hair. She was Uncle Harry’s mum too.

George went back to the TV. Yep, there was going to be a wedding, but it was going to be after the Royal Baby was born. That was when George realised something. It was his mum who had the Royal baby in her tummy. George closed his eyes. This was all getting too much. There was to be a baby and a wedding before his birthday next year and they hadn’t even had Christmas!  Albert followed George as he marched to his dad’s study. George needed to have a conversation with his dad about all of this. And first on the list was that there were to be no petals!



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